St. David's Welsh Society of Georgia - Since 1984, representing Welsh in Georgia

The St. David's Welsh Society of Georgia,
with all the seriousness that comes with the sport of WELLY WANGING are the keepers of the

The rules of the Georgia Welsh Welly Wanging Organization (AKA The St. David's Welsh Society of GA) are broadly based on the rules found on various internet sites. However, the rules on this page are unique to the GWWWO and take into account the unique  aspects of living in Georgia may cause and therefore no other rules shall apply.

1. There are four categories:  Men, Women  under 16 years and under 12 years;
2. The throwing area will be 10 feet wide (this being the width of a standard Welsh farm gate);
3. Each competitor may have up to two wangs per entry. Invalid wangs count as a wang but will not be eligible to be measured and recorded and entered into the competition;
4. At least some part of the wanged welly must land inside the marked area to count. The marked area shall be 10 feet wide (see above) and the tape is not part of the marked area;
6. The competitor must wang from behind the gate line. Standing on the gate will invalidate the wang;
7. A sensible run-up is permitted but anyone holding up wanging by taking excessive run-ups will have the wang declared as invalid;
8. Only wellies provided by the Welshwellies of Monmouthshire, Wales may be wanged. Wanging any other welly will make the wang invalid;
9. The welly may be wanged but any means except artificial means. The welly must be in contact with the wanger’s body (hands, feet, teeth, etc.) at the point of wanging;
10. At the end of the competition the longest wang in each category shall be declared the winner and the prizes awarded accordingly;
11.The winner of the Male Adults category will be crowned 'Master Wanger' and the winner of the Female Adults category will be crowned 'Mistress Wanger';
12. In the event of a dead heat a ‘wang off’ shall be called with each tied competitor wanging a welly in turn until a winner emerges. In the event a competitor can’t be found for the wang off they shall declared ‘wanged out’ and shall forfeit the wang off;
13. The wanger of the worst wang shall be crowned 'Worst Wanger' and awarded the Wooden Spoon. The worst wang shall be based be entirely on the opinion of the organizer.
14.The organizer’s decision is final in all matters associated with the GWWW Events.
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